Why is molly tea 茉莉奶白 menu so popular?

Welcome to Molly Tea 茉莉奶白, the last destination for tea enthusiasts! If you’re on a quest to find the ideal cup of tea, appearance no further. Our menu is packed with delightful drinks that cater to each flavor. From traditional milk teas to fresh fruit teas and specialty liquids, there may be something for all and sundry at Molly Tea 茉莉奶白.

 Molly tea 茉莉奶白 menu

When it comes to milk teas, we take pride in our signature blends which have gained the hearts of many.

 molly tea 茉莉奶白 menu

Classic Jasmine Milk Tea

Our Classic Jasmine Milk Tea is a crowd preferred, offering a great balance of aromatic jasmine tea and creamy milk. It’s the imperative desire for all people new to the world of milk tea.

Brown Sugar Milk Tea molly tea 茉莉奶白 menu

For those with a sweet tooth, the Brown Sugar Milk Tea is a ought to-strive. Rich and velvety, this drink features a lovely combination of milk and dark, caramelized brown sugar.

Matcha Milk Tea molly tea 茉莉奶白 menu

Matcha enthusiasts, rejoice! Our Matcha Milk Tea combines tremendous matcha powder with creamy milk to supply a drink that is both clean and invigorating.

Fruit Teas to Refresh Your Palate

Sometimes, you want something lighter and fruity. That’s wherein our fruit teas come in.

Mango Green Tea

The Mango Green Tea is a tropical satisfaction that pairs the freshness of inexperienced tea with the beauty of ripe mangoes.

Passionfruit Tea

Bursting with colorful flavors, our Passionfruit Tea is the appropriate manner to rejuvenate your senses.

Peach Oolong Tea

The Peach Oolong Tea combines the diffused, floral notes of oolong tea with the juicy sweetness of peaches. It’s in the shape of heaven!

Specialty Drinks for Unique Tastes

Looking for something out of the ordinary? Our area of expertise drinks are here to meet your adventurous palate.

Taro Milk Tea

Our Taro Milk Tea is a creamy and barely nutty drink. It’s certain to be a hit with absolutely everyone looking for a unique taste experience.

Thai Milk Tea

Indulge in the wealthy, spiced flavors of our Thai Milk Tea. It’s sweet, creamy, and totally irresistible.

Rose Milk Tea

For a floral twist, attempt our Rose Milk Tea. The delicate rose flavor blends superbly with creamy milk, growing a soothing and elegant drink.

Creamy Delights

If you are a fan of creamy textures, you will love our creamy delights.

Cheese Foam Series

Our Cheese Foam Series is a decadent deal with wherein savory cheese foam tops off your favored tea, creating a lovely contrast of flavors.

Creamy Coconut Milk Tea

The Creamy Coconut Milk Tea is a tropical indulgence, blending creamy milk with the sweet and nutty flavors of coconut.

Herbal Infusions

For people who prefer natural teas, we’ve been given you included.

Chrysanthemum Tea

Our Chrysanthemum Tea is mild, floral, and ideal for enjoyment after a protracted day.

Lemongrass Ginger Tea

The Lemongrass Ginger Tea is a zesty and invigorating drink that’s awesome for boosting your electricity degrees.

Classic Teas for Purists

Sometimes, you just need to hold things easy. Our conventional teas are perfect for those moments.

Oolong Tea

Our Oolong Tea is rich and complicated, imparting a fulfilling revel in for tea purists.

Jasmine Green Tea

The Jasmine Green Tea combines the nice of both worlds: the sparkling taste of inexperienced tea and the fragrant attraction of jasmine.

Seasonal Specials

We like to have a good time the seasons with unique drinks that spotlight the pleasant flavors of the time.

Winter Melon Tea

The Winter Melon Tea is a candy and refreshing drink that’s ideal for cooling down on a hot day.

Summer Berry Tea

Bursting with the flavors of fresh berries, our Summer Berry Tea is a seasonal satisfaction that you may not want to overlook.

Healthy Options

For the fitness-conscious, we offer various teas which can be as useful as they are delicious.

Aloe Vera Tea

Our Aloe Vera Tea is mild, refreshing, and incredible for digestion.

Detoxifying Green Tea

The Detoxifying Green Tea is packed with antioxidants, making it a healthful preference for any time of the day.

Decadent Desserts

Pair your tea with one in every of our delightful desserts for a without a doubt indulgent experience.

Bubble Waffles

Our Bubble Waffles are crispy on the outside, soft at the inner, and perfect for pairing with any of our teas.

Mochi Balls

Chewy and sweet, our Mochi Balls are an outstanding snack to revel in along with your drink.

Snack Pairings

Looking for something savory? We have snacks that perfectly supplement our teas.

Popcorn Chicken

Our Popcorn Chicken is crispy, juicy, and the proper savory snack to pair together with your preferred tea.

Sweet Potato Fries

Our Sweet Potato Fries are a tasty and barely candy treat that pairs splendidly with any drink.

Customization Options

We apprehend that everybody has their personal alternatives, that’s why we provide plenty of customization options.

Sugar Levels

Choose your selected sweetness stage, from no sugar to extra sweet.

Ice Levels

Customize the quantity of ice to your drink to suit your taste.

Eco-pleasant Initiatives

We care about the environment and have taken steps to lessen our footprint.

Reusable Cups

Bring your very own reusable cup and revel in a reduction for your drink!

Biodegradable Straws

We use biodegradable straws to assist lessen plastic waste.

Customer Favorites

Not certain what to strive for? Here are some of our top-selling liquids and famous combinations.

Top-Selling Drinks

Our pinnacle-promoting beverages encompass the Classic Jasmine Milk Tea, Mango Green Tea, and Taro Milk Tea.

Popular Combos

Try our popular mixtures, just like the Brown Sugar Milk Tea with Bubble Waffles or the Thai Milk Tea with Popcorn Chicken.

 molly tea 茉莉奶白 menu


What makes Molly Tea 茉莉奶白 unique?

Molly Tea 茉莉奶白 is special because of our dedication to best and range. We offer a wide range of teas and snacks that cater to all tastes.

Are there any vegan alternatives to be had?

Yes, we provide numerous vegan options, which include lots of our fruit teas and certain specialty drinks.

Can I customize my drink?

Absolutely! You can customize your drink’s sugar and ice levels to fit your flavor.

What are the most famous liquids?

Our maximum popular beverages consist of the Classic Jasmine Milk Tea, Mango Green Tea, and Taro Milk Tea.

Do they provide any seasonal specials?

Yes, we provide seasonal specials like the Winter Melon Tea and Summer Berry Tea, which highlight the quality flavors of the season.


Molly Tea 茉莉奶白 gives a wide variety of delicious beverages and snacks that cater to every taste. Whether you are a fan of classic teas, fruity flavors, or unique specialty drinks, there is something for everybody. Visit us these days and find out your new favorite drink!


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