Why Is Sealing My Lips with a Kiss Manga So Popular?

Seal My Lips with a Kiss manga, additionally known as “Kisu wo Oba, Sugu de susume,” is a charming romantic manga collection that has received extensive popularity amongst readers. This article delves into the complicated information of this manga, exploring its storyline, characters, subject matters, and much extra.

What is Seal My Lips with a Kiss Manga?

Seal My Lips with a Kiss manga, written and illustrated via Aya Shouoto, follows the story of an excessive school girl named Himeka who has a unique capacity to look at ghosts. However, her life takes a surprising flip when she encounters a mysterious boy named Itsuki, who shares a darkish secret together with her.

Relevance and Importance

The manga’s popularity stems from its compelling storyline, well-evolved characters, and issues of love, mystery, and the supernatural. It appeals to readers who enjoy romance, fantasy, and suspense, making it a have to-study for manga fanatics.

Plot Summary

In it, Himeka’s encounter with Itsuki unveils a hidden world of spirits and curses. As she delves deeper into this supernatural realm, she discovers her own powers and the real nature of her reference to Itsuki. The manga intricately weaves together romance, thriller, and the supernatural, keeping readers engaged with its unpredictable twists and turns.



Himeka is the protagonist of Seal My Lips with a Kiss manga. She possesses the capacity to see ghosts, which units her apart from others. Despite going through challenges due to her supernatural presence, Himeka is determined and courageous, making her a relatable and endearing individual.


Itsuki is a mysterious boy who crosses paths with Himeka. With his enigmatic demeanor and hidden agenda, Itsuki adds a detail of intrigue to the story. As the plot unfolds, his connection to Himeka turns into an increasing number of complex, main to sudden revelations.

Supporting Characters

The manga features a various cast of assisting characters, every contributing to the overarching storyline in unique ways. From buddies and allies to adversaries and love pursuits, those characters play vital roles in Himeka’s journey of self-discovery and romance.

Themes and Motifs

 it explores various topics and motifs that resonate with readers:

Love and Romance

At its core, the manga revolves around the subject matter of affection and romance. Himeka and Itsuki’s relationship evolves amidst supernatural demanding situations and personal revelations, showcasing the power of affection to overcome limitations.

 Supernatural Elements

The inclusion of supernatural elements, including ghosts and curses, adds intensity and intrigue to the tale. It immerses readers in a fantastical world in which the boundaries among the residing and the useless blur, developing an surroundings of mystery and suspense.

Identity and Self-Discovery

Throughout the manga, Himeka embarks on an adventure of self-discovery, grappling with her identity as a woman with supernatural abilities. Her experiences shape her expertise of herself and the arena around her, highlighting the importance of self-popularity and increase.

Art Style and Visual Appeal

Aya Shouoto’s art style in  it is characterized by using its detailed illustrations, expressive characters, and emotive storytelling. The art work effectively captures the temper and tone of the story, improving the reader’s immersion inside the narrative.


Is Seal My Lips with a Kiss manga appropriate for all ages?
A: While Seal My Lips with a Kiss manga is mainly targeted towards teenage and younger person audiences, it is able to comprise subject matters and imagery which are extra appropriate for mature readers.

How many volumes are there in the Seal My Lips with a Kiss manga collection?
A: As of [insert date], Seal My Lips with a Kiss manga consists of [insert number] volumes, with extra chapters serialized in [insert publication].

Where can I read Seal My Lips with a Kiss manga online?
A: it is available for analyzing on-line on platforms such as [insert platforms], wherein you can access both legit translations and fan-made scanslations.


Seal My Lips with a Kiss manga gives readers a fascinating combination of romance, mystery, and the supernatural. With its compelling storyline, nicely-developed characters, and lovely artwork, it has garnered substantial acclaim among manga enthusiasts. Whether you’re a fan of romance, fantasy, or suspense, this manga is positive to captivate your creativity and depart you eagerly looking ahead to every new chapter.


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